Ukraine: seven dead in a Ukrainian strike in the occupied region of Kherson (occupying forces)

Ukraine: Seven dead in Ukrainian strike in occupied Kherson region ( occupying forces)


Russian occupation authorities in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine say seven people were killed and around 60 injured in a Ukrainian strike overnight Monday-Tuesday . 

“There are already seven dead and about 60 injured” in this strike that hit the city of Nova Kakhovka, the head of the military administration said on Telegram. civilian installed in this locality by the Russian forces, Vladimir Leontiev.

A deputy leader of the Kherson occupation administration, Ekaterina Goubareva, also reported seven dead and accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out the strike with US Himars multiple rocket launchers.

< p>It was not possible to independently verify these claims at this time.

Ukraine for its part said it had carried out a strike on military targets in Nova Kakhovka, adding that 52 Russian servicemen had been killed and an ammunition warehouse destroyed.

In a video broadcast by Russian media, we see a huge ball of fire and wreaths being thrown into the sky in the middle of the night, while powerful detonations sound and a thick column of white smoke rises.

Other images taken in the morning and released by the occupation authorities show several destroyed buildings.

“Dozens of houses have been affected… We are pulling people out of the rubble,” Leontiev said. “It is a terrible tragedy (…) The number (of victims) will increase, because the scale of the damage is enormous”, he added.

“It is clear that this is (an attack) deliberate, violent, cynical with high-precision missiles, there are no military targets here (…) Warehouses were hit, shops, a pharmacy, gas stations and even a church,” he said again, denouncing an “act of terrorism.”

Adjacent to the Crimean peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, the Kherson region is largely occupied by Russian forces engaged in an offensive against Ukraine since last February.

The Ukrainian army has been leading a counter-offensive on the Kherson front for several weeks, while the bulk of Russian troops are deployed in the Donbass, in eastern Ukraine.

Kyiv has regained ground and moved closer to Kherson, a large city of 290,000 inhabitants, but has so far failed to penetrate deeply. t Russian defenses.