Ukraine shot the lawyer of the suspect in the murder of Russian ex-MP Denis Boronenkov (PHOTO)

На Украине застрелен адвокат подозреваемого в убийстве российского экс-депутата Дениса Вороненкова (ФОТО)

In the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine under mysterious circumstances killed lawyer Svyatoslav Parkhomenko, Alexander defended the Moose – a suspect in the murder of the former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Denis Boronenkov.

Sunday, November 10, in a wooded area on the border of the Korostyshevsky and Radomyshl in Zhytomyr region during the hunt there is a conflict between Rangers and hunters. “Previously it is established that between the parties there was a conflict in which firearms were used”, – reported in the regional police. Supposedly the local Ranger found in the forest poachers, and then the shooting started.

Deadly shot and wounded a 41-year-old Sviatoslav Parkhomenko. Another man, 52-the summer inhabitant of Kiev region, was hospitalized with a serious gunshot wound, reports UNIAN. The criminal case was instituted under article 15 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Attempt at a crime”), article 115 (“Premeditated murder”) and article 263 (“Illegal weapon handling”).

According to lawyer Vladislav Dobosh set out the police version of the death Parkhomenko is at least “strange”. He notes that hunting is a good situation for killing Parkhomenko. “If a conflict on the hunt. But, quite a strange situation, knowing Svyatoslav. And usually the hunt – a fairly comfortable situation,” the lawyer wrote in his Facebook.

We will remind, two weeks before the death of Parkhomenko in the shootout in Kharkiv was killed and a witness in the murder case of the Deputy Boronenkov – Vladimir Borokh. He was also shot in the gunfight, which occurred on October 25 in Kharkiv, Klochkovskaya street. The attackers arrived in a car to the store Parking lot, shot and killed two men with automatic weapons and then fled. In the police region called the incident “warring”.

However, the lawyer Svyatoslav Parkhomenko noted that the victim Borokh knew details of the murder Boronenkov and had to testify in court.

In March 2017 ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, announced in Russia in the Federal wanted list, was shot in the center of Kiev. In October 2017, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine declared that the actual customer of the murder was a former civil husband wife Boronenkov Maria Maksakova – Vladimir Tyurin. Him in absentia accused and declared wanted. However, in October, the Pechersky district court of Kiev has removed the charges from Turin.

As defendants in the case are also Yaroslav Tarasenko and Alexander Moose, which is charged with intentional homicide and complicity in the crime, the Prosecutor’s office was charged with organizing and committing the murder Boronenkov citizens of Ukraine Yuriy Vasilenko and Jaroslaw Levenets, who are in search of.