Ukraine should define the position in relation to cloud services

The volume of the cloud services market in 2019 amounted to about $50 million this was stated by General Director of De Novo Maxim Ageev in an interview

Украина должна определиться с позицией по отношению к облачным сервисам

Of which $33 million was related to cloud infrastructure, and approximately $16 million – rental software (Software as a Service, SaaS).

Dynamics of growth it estimated in the range of 43-45%, noting that this is the highest of all segments of the IT industry. In 2020, predicted the General Director of De Novo, will be within the year.

He stressed that Ukraine needs to define the position in relation to cloud services at the state level.

According to him, Ukraine cloud applications are developed without the participation of the state. They “germinate despite the prohibitions, like grass through the asphalt,” said the head of one of the largest cloud providers in the country.

The state does not recognize the concept of “clouds”, he said. There is no document stating that the transition to cloud services the state needs and will benefit.

While at the state level about 16 billion spent annually on IT. Of this amount, approximately 3 billion UAH “can be turned” cloud services. What will the budget savings and new jobs.