Ukraine: the Russian army claims to have hit an arms warehouse in Kremenchuk on Monday

Ukraine: Russian army claims to have hit a warehouse on Monday weapons in Kremenchuk


The Russian military claimed on Tuesday that it hit an arms depot in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, the day before, resulting in explosions that Moscow said set fire to a disused shopping mall, while Ukrainians reported 18 dead in the bombardment of a crowded shopping center. 

The Ministry of Defense in its daily press release claimed to have destroyed with “high precision” missiles weapons warehouses delivered by Westerners which were located on the territory of a construction vehicle factory adjoining the shopping center.

“The detonations of ammunition intended for Western weapons caused the fire (…) of a shopping center which was not open”, affirmed the Russian army.

Ukraine for its part denounced on Monday an attack which ravaged a crowded shopping center , killing at least 18 people according to a still provisional report. The strike has been described as a “war crime” by the G7 countries.

Since the offensive launched against its neighbor Ukraine on February 24, Russia has systematically rejected all accusations of strikes or crimes having targeted civilians, speaking of staged or blaming the adversary. 

Moscow also did not recognize any blunders that resulted in civilian casualties.