Ukraine took the 1st place in the production of soybeans in Europe

Ukraine is the number 1 manufacturer of soya in Europe and ranks 8th in the production of bean in the world.

Украина вышла на 1 место по производству сои в Европе

This was reported by head of regional offices of the Association Danube soya Vladimir Pugachev, writes

According to him, the soybean market is one of the most important for agricultural production in Ukraine. Over the last 10 years the area under soybean has increased more than threefold, compared with 3.7 million hectares (as of 2019), which is 8.5% of all areas under crops.

According to the report, the forecast of soybean production in 2019 amounted to 1.6 million hectares, whereas, in fact, this year harvest with 3.7 million hectares with an average yield of 2.35 t/ha. the Expert thinks that despite the difficult year and the pricing policy, which disappointed many farmers, soybeans have been and will remain one of the most cultivated and attractive for export crops.

“For its part, the Association Danube soya helps to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian producers of soybeans in the world market. With this purpose training programmes for farmers, including best practices for sustainable production of soybean, is coordinating the educational projects of the sorts of culture and approaches to production practiced the exchange of experiences during the field Days,” — said Vladimir Pugachev.