Ukraine took the 4th place in the medal standings at the European Championships in biathlon

Украина заняла 4-е место в медальном зачете на чемпионате Европы по биатлону

On the eve of the Belarusian Raubichi, the championship of Europe on biathlon.

The national team of Ukraine, which acted almost strongest team, took 4th place in the medal standings. On account of Ukrainians 4 medals – 1 gold and silver and 2 bronze.

“Gold” was our mixed relay team, silver brought in a moneybox of our national team, Olena Pidhrushna in the super sprint. In the same discipline among men a bronze medal on account of Dmitry Pidruchna. On the bottom step of a pedestal rose Anastasiya Merkushyna and Ruslan Tkalenko in the single-mixed doubles.

The victory was won by the owners of the track – the team of Belarus, the assets of which 3 gold and 1 bronze.

The Russian team two gold and silver medals took the second place and Norwegians settled in third (1-2-3).

Medal standings.

  1. Belarus 3/0/1 – 4
  2. Russia 2/2/0 – 4
  3. Norway 1/2/3 – 6
  4. UKRAINE 1/1/2 – 4
  5. Sweden 1/0/1 – 2
  • 6-8Чехия 0/1/ 0 – 1
  • 6-8Германия 0/1/0 – 1
  • 6-8Латвия 0/1/0 – 1