Ukraine took the first place at the world championship in mixed martial arts

Украина заняла первое общекомандное место на чемпионате мира по смешанным боевым искусствам

The Ukrainian national team in mixed martial arts won the team championship at the world Championships in MMA, which was held in Singapore, the official Facebook account of the Ukrainian Federation of mixed martial arts (MMA UF).

All our athletes have won 11 medals: five gold, three silver and three bronze.

The winners are Roman Sirkin (up to 52,2 kg), Denis Cooper (up to 61.2 kg), Igor Shmygol (up to 65,8 kg), Egor Kostuchenko (up 77,1 kg) and Valentina Semal (up to 47.6 kg).

Second place went to Arthur sparrows (up 77,1 kg), Emil Useynov (from 93 kg) and Lyudmila Iluk (up to 52,2 kg).

Owners of bronze awards became Daria Ivanova (up to 56,7 kg), Daria Chibisova (up to 61.2 kg) and Irina Pitzik (to 72.6 kg).

Only the championship was attended by 44 teams.