Ukraine’s state debt grew by $ 1 billion per month

Public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine as of November 30, 2019 990,78 amounted to 1 billion or 82,83 billion. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to data of the Ministry of Finance.

Госдолг Украины вырос на 1 млрд долларов за месяц

According to the Finance Ministry, in November 2019, the amount of the debt of Ukraine decreased by UAH equivalent to UAH 54,82 billion, and in dollar terms increased by 0.99 billion us dollars.

As of November 30, the external debt amounted to 1 165,25 billion UAH (58,53% of the total debt) or of 48.48 billion, domestic debt — 825, 52 billion (41,47%) or of 34.35 billion.

The state debt of Ukraine amounted to 1 billion 750,36 (87,92% of the total debt) or 72,82 billion. Publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to 240,41 billion UAH (12,08%) or 10.0 billion.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Finance in November, the state budget expenditures on the state debt amounted to 19.8 billion UAH, service — 16.8 billion UAH.