Ukrainian actor was beaten in Poland

In Poland, the Ukrainian actor Yuri Brand beat, trying to trick him on the payroll.

Украинского актера избили в Польше

“A broken nose and traces of stuffy in the neck — that to me have been calculated by the head of the pizza, which I earned money to live in Poland” — wrote mark, reports the with reference to the UNN.

According to him, in Poland the actor arrived three years ago to work in the theater, but moonlighting and other jobs. The man left the pizzeria by agreement of the parties, but for the salary he was asked to come later.

“Given that I am a foreigner trying to deceive me for money, and when he realized that could not, began to threaten to choke him. It made me call the police. Before the police arrived, the head of the pizzerias in all ways provoked me, but could not help stabbed in the face,” wrote the actor.

According to him, the behavior of the police was strange, because they reviewed surveillance video and pretended not to notice the bloodied face.

“I am convinced that if I defended myself, and there was a bruise on the head of a pizzeria, I would have today been deported. Don’t understand how this could happen in a European Poland. Sincere thanks to all concerned for their support,” wrote mark.