Ukrainian car market will change dramatically

The global economic crisis on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, had an impact on the automotive industry.

Украинский авторынок кардинально изменится

As reported the pandemic had a negative impact on the world and domestic market.

According to the infographic, sales of new cars in March 2020 declined by 10% compared to February 2020 and 15% below the sales of cars in March 2019.

Despite these statistics, the crisis gave impetus to the automotive industry for digitalization. Car dealerships have started to offer their services in an online format.

On 2 April, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decree authorizing the sale of new cars in the conditions of the quarantine, however, the transition to the digital format of the dealerships will continue.

Fundamental changes in the global automotive industry is not observed, however, if the letter to the European Commission from the companies ACEA, CLEPA, ETRMA and CECRA will be reviewed, the timelines and targets on CO2 emissions can be mitigated. And this, in turn, can change the existing paradigm of the automobile industry in Europe and around the world.

While experts not undertake to predict the future of the automotive industry in the context of pandemic coronavirus, but with full confidence say that this as before it will be gone.