Ukrainian cereals: no movement on Sunday in the Black Sea, confirms the JCC

Ukrainian cereals: no movement on Sunday in the Black Sea, confirms the JCC


No movement of cargo ships for the transport of Ukrainian cereals in the Black Sea has been validated for Sunday, announced the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) responsible for supervising the international agreement signed on 'last summer.  

“A joint agreement has not been reached at the JCC regarding the exit and entry movements of cargo ships on October 30,” the Center said in a statement released overnight, after Moscow suspended its participation in the JCC. agreement signed on July 22 in Istanbul, citing a drone attack on its ships. 

The JCC, which brings together delegates from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN in Istanbul , clarified that he was informed by Russia of its “concerns for the security of the cargo ships” and conveyed them to the Turkish and Ukrainian delegations. 

“The United Nations Coordinator for the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Amir Abdullah, was notified today (October 29) by the Russian delegation to the JCC of his concerns regarding the safe movement of merchant vessels,” wrote the JCC. 

“Mr. Abdullah has brought (these concerns) to the attention of the Turkish and Ukrainian delegations to the JCC,” he added. 

Ankara has not officially reacted since this announcement. 

A security source told AFP on Saturday evening that “Turkey (had) not been officially notified” of the Russian withdrawal. 

“The JCC is reviewing recent developments, assessing the impact on its operations and discussing next steps,” he said. 

Nine cargo ships were able to use the maritime corridor at Sea on Saturday. Noire and “more than ten others” are ready to do the same in both directions, specifies the Center which oversees the proper application of the agreement. 

This provides in particular for an inspection of cargo ships taking the Bosphorus in both directions, empty and loaded, by five teams made up of two Russian, two Ukrainian, two Turkish inspectors and two United Nations delegates. 

Since the beginning of the month, the slow pace of inspections has been criticized by Ukraine, which has accused Russia of obstruction. 

The JCC had more than 170 cargo ships awaiting inspection off Istanbul this week.  ;

The agreement, which entered into force on August 1, allowed the export from Ukrainian ports of more than 9 million tons of grain and other agricultural products, according to the JCC.