Ukrainian champion and European games spoke sharply about transgender athletes

Украинская чемпионка Европейских игр резко высказалась о трансгендерных спортсменках

Olga Lyahova

Ukrainian runner Olga Lyahova specializing in secondary distancia in his Instagram had shared his thoughts on the rivalry with transgender people in professional sports.

“What do you think about what I think on these pictures? Yes, it’s the women’s 800 metres. Yes, there’s despair. I’m running with these athletes, after running, realize that flew,” laments champion of the European games in 2019.

“Now the situation has changed, girls with high testosterone may not act at distances from 400 meters to a mile. How many athletes did not get to the next round of the competition? How many sporting careers interrupted over the years? How many opportunities and money lost by those who were in a step from a pedestal, in the final?”, – asks the Ukrainian.

“And just now came to the conclusion that to equate girls with testosterone in one or two units and those with whom he several times higher (almost men) is wrong. But how much time it took?! And I don’t want to hurt them, it’s not their fault they are born that way. Yes, born weak and strong, and are born with different deviations. But the sport I think, must be clean and equal for every athlete,” said Lakhova.