Ukrainian companies are increasing exports of snails

For the period from January to September this year, our country has put on the EU market 248 tons of snails (+155 tons in comparison with indicators of last year), the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Украинские предприятия наращивают экспорт улиток

In two years increased the number of domestic enterprises which have the right to export of snail products to the European Union market. According to the results of the third quarter in Ukraine the right to export the above products have acquired 17 companies. Among them: LLC “ravlyk” (Lutsk), PE “Volynagrop Rombud” (p. Chipping, Volyn oblast), Ukrainian-Czech company “Neris”, LTD Cold Store “Toris” (Kovel, Volyn region), CHP persco Vasil Petrovich (Zhytomyr region), LLC “UFA-ORGANIC” (S. Malyi karashyn, Kiev region), LLC “Escarpod Ukraine” (Kiev), LLC “Ultrad-Ukraine” (V. novosilky, Kyiv region), FH “Davydko” (p Yablonovka, Lviv), SP Gnidets M. I. (S.’kovychi, Lviv), LLC “Galicia Pomatia” (village of Dashava, Lviv region), LLC “Organic ravlyk” (p. Mal’chytsi, Lviv oblast), LLC “Aulica” (Kiev), LLC “KOSH 3” (C. Bulgarian, Odessa region), Farming “RAVLYK-2016” (p. Shcherbani, Poltavska oblast), LLC “UKRAINIAN SNAIL” (p. Shcherbani, Poltavska oblast) snail farm “Ukrsnab” (Rivne obl, Privolnoye village), OOO “Ukravit” (p. Tsyrkuny, Kharkiv oblast), LLC “ESCARGO DE BURGUN” (Kharkov). In 2018, the number of such enterprises was only 5.

“Given the demand for Ukrainian snails and willingness of domestic enterprises to meet, the state foods and consumer service is constantly contributing to this process”, — reported in the government.

To ensure uninterrupted exports published by the international veterinary certificate for the export from Ukraine and the European Union chilled, frozen, in shell, prepared, processed, preserved snails intended for human consumption. To see the document in the section “International cooperation”, under the heading “Certificates for export from Ukraine”.