Ukrainian dreams of the stars and the children will be sent into space

Saturday, 28 September at 20:00 on a capital Khreshchatyk Kyiv during the Festival of Lights soar in the sky light “Ray dreams”. It will be an artistic visualization of cosmic events: Zolochiv — Kiev — universe — planet TRAPPISTA-1.

Мечты украинских звезд и детей будут отправлены в космос

For the first time in the history of the world on the planet Earth more than 100 000 drawings of children’s dreams will be encrypted into a signal and sent into space. Simultaneously, the light beam will take off a radio signal from a space station in Zolochiv in the Lviv region.

Together with children’s dreams will fly into space and dreams of the Ukrainian stars and their children. Everyone will be able with their phones to download a special free app “Ray of dreams” (Promin Mriy). And thus become part of this historic event — enable augmented reality to see how the drawings come to life dreams.

Specially for this event has created a unique mask in Instagram — “Ray dream 28.09” — the planet and the beam that flies.

During the year many Ukrainian stars participated in the marathon #medicatura the project “Sdisney a dream,” curated by Lydia Taran. Singer Tina Karol in the childhood I dreamed, that all the people are friendly and will help each other, so in his painting depicted a lot of happy people.

MONATIK drew Land, houses, the ocean and a lot of people who hold hands, and wrote “peace.” Singer DZIDZIO in childhood dreamed of becoming a great artist. That’s what he portrayed in his painting. Sergey Babkin as a child dreamed of becoming a military pilot, and choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva wanted to be President, but she later realized it was hard work, and transformed his dream — he dreamed of becoming the Minister of culture. And boxer Denis Berinchyk dreamed of becoming a firefighter. The front-woman of the band the HARDKISS Yulia Sanin in the childhood wanted to become a singer and to make clips for their songs.

“We conducted a nationwide study which showed that children’s ability to dream is fading, as modern society develops they have this ability. Only 5% of children have a dream, the other 95% are mostly material desires. The launch of “the Ray of dreams” will inspire children,” said curator Lydia Taran.

Singer videobloger Jerry Heil to all the dreamers dedicated a song about dreams, and will soon premiere the video.

The dreams of children flying in space at a speed of nearly 3 million meters per second, covering a distance of about 400 trillion kilometres.

The project “Sdisney Mriya” was joined by many bloggers and business people, who also draw their dreams a fitness trainer Ksenia Litvinova, nutritionist Natalia Samoilenko, bloggers Sergey Aurum, NAT lime, a blogger and host of the rose al Namri, bloggers Alexandra and Igor Pustovit, fitness coach Alexander Shulgin, business consultant Inna Dvorskaya, restaurateur Savva Libkin.