Ukrainian drivers will have another update

So, we are talking about changing the standards for car numbers in the country. A proposal should soon pass to the Cabinet, reports MMR.

Украинских водителей ожидает очередное обновление

Under the proposed change, the Cabinet plans to consider changes to the DSTU for car license plates in Ukraine. After the Cabinet will consider this initiative and will take the appropriate decision that all drivers will have 5 years to implement new standards for motor vehicles on your vehicle.

All would be nothing, but on the background of the fact that soon the Verkhovna Rada may adopt a number of amendments to the Law of Ukraine “About traffic” the cost of issuing license plates could become much more expensive, and the price of new numbers rising by half. It is clear that this price increase will be a serious blow to the pockets of Ukrainian motorists.

All about basic things, so companies that are engaged in the production numbers would need to significantly modernize production, to change, to use new workpiece and to change the requirements for the finished product. The whole complex of such actions requires both time and financial costs.

It is quite natural that such changes somehow relate to the ultimate cost of the hotel rooms. The strangest thing that no one can answer, and what officials are not satisfied with the existing standards for the license plates, which fully comply with EU legislation.

The situation is really unpleasant, because people who have expensive cars is almost not feel the amount of price increase or surcharge, but the people who have cars budget category will feel on your pocket the cost of a rise in price of rooms.

It is worth noting that the government has prepared a big surprise for Ukrainians and launched a massive struggle against a wrong Parking. For this purpose in Ukraine was imported brand new tow trucks, which are capable of much faster to clear the streets from incorrectly parked cars on the roadside.

So, the old tow truck took about 5 minutes for loading and unloading the car on the platform, the new can handle this task in just 60 seconds. This will speed up the process of dealing with offenders, as well as increase its efficiency.