Ukrainian Euroleague MVP 2020 will continue his career in Russia

Украинская MVP Евролиги-2020 продолжит карьеру в России

Alina Yagupov

The leader of the female national team of Ukraine on basketball Alina Yagupov, which this season was recognized as the MVP of the Euroleague, will continue his career in Novosibirsk’s “Dinamo”, reports

The company Alina in “Dinamo” will be a partner Yagupov on the national team of Ukraine Lyudmila Naumenko.

Note, both players played for Turkish clubs – Yagupov played for Fenerbahce, and Naumenko – for “çukurova”.

Novosibirsk club at the end of the season because of the coronavirus took 10th place in the championship of Russia. Also “Dynamo” plays in Eastern European women’s basketball League (EWBL), which made it to the final of the tournament.