Ukrainian GM Ponomarev complained of RUSADA: his two hours were tested for doping (updated)

Украинский гроссмейстер Пономарев пожаловался на РУСАДА: его два часа проверяли на допинг (обновлено)

Ukrainian GM Ruslan Ponomariov (46th ranking in the tournament) questioned the impartiality of the journalist and complained about her actions during the world chess Cup.

Ponomarev unhappy that spent two hours on the doping control between the two parties against the Russian Andrey Esipenko.

“I should only blame himself for poor play during the world Cup. But after the first game instead of relaxing I spent literally two hours with at 19.57 21.56 – doping test, conducted by FIDE hired by RUSADA. Why so long? Why was it not WADA? Chose me accidentally?”, – Ponomarev wrote on Twitter. Note that the former world champion lost on stage 1/64 final Esipenko (0,5:1,5) and completed performance at the tournament.

We will add that in the tournament, which is held in the Russian capital of Yugra – Khanty-Mansiysk knock-out system, involved another Ukrainian.

Anton Korobov (43rd seed) in the first round has completed both their games in a draw against the Indian He Gupta (86). Now party the 1/32 finals will determine the tie-break.

Recall that in 2002, Ponomariov at 18 became the youngest champion of the world (according to FIDE).

We add that the world Cup winner will be determined October 4

The finalists will be eligible to play in the candidates tournament in 2020.

The prize Fund of world Cup is $ 1.6 million.

Update. At RUSADA, in the person of Deputy Director Margarita Ponikau responded to the statement Ponomarev.

“The statement by the Ukrainian chess player looks weird, firstly, WADA never by itself does not conduct the testing, then the time of testing depends on the athlete’s body and his urinary system. We can not speed up the process. With regard to the work of RUSADA, the international chess Federation (FIDE) has chosen our Agency for the reason that the tournament is held in Russia. This contract test.

With full responsibility I declare that Ponomarev was tested on a random sample, which was carried out in the presence of a delegate from FIDE. The whole procedure is done strictly in accordance with the international standard for testing and investigations WADA”, – quotes Ponikau