Ukrainian group presented the video for the song “DSH”

Ukrainian band Boombox presented the fourth video within procompany album “Tamni code: Rubcon“. Musicians ekranizirovali the song “DSH“.

Группа Бумбокс презентовала клип на песню «ДШ»

Why not go on about the companies, how many scenarios had to reject and who suffered for the shot, tell the leader of Boombox Andrew Khlyvnyuk, directed by Stanislav Gurenko and producer Alex Sogomonov.

“The video for the song” DSH” is not the first successful collaboration of the group with Director Stas Gurenko. In my opinion, he and the whole team surgically accurately embodied the idea to life and showed another social component of the meaning of the song. The main character meets with his fear of losing the most important thing. As we all are, he is, metaphorically, faced with a choice between duty and conscience. How often we are losing ground, aiming for the false targets, we go on about so-called public opinion, in one or another way, become enemies themselves? The idea of the video is to remind ourselves of these priorities and in any case not to bet the most expensive”-

said Andrew Khlyvnyuk.

“I can definitely say that all the time with Boombox this clip was the most difficult. And here’s the song. When it comes to music videos, I presume to work only with those artists whose music is close to me. The track “DSH” was very strong and not the easiest for me in moral terms, it was difficult not to pass it through itself, not to reflect. At the initial stage of work, we have copied 4 different scenarios, but they all did not suit us to the end. Like everything was in place, but still the main core message of the track, remained somewhere outside of our perception. The situation with the script was resolved unexpectedly when at a meeting with Alexei Sogomonov and Andrei Hlavnicka, Andrew offered his script. In my head everything just fell into place. I managed to look at history through the eyes of the author, and to see that the core of the song, hidden behind my personal emotions. We did the video on September 23rd and 24th — they were two warm, rich day, although not easy: a lot of scenes, about 20 actors, travel… With all the complexity, this project was a complete synergy between the film crew and the team of BB. Almost immediately I got freedom of action, and it is for any Director is the highest high in the profession”-

said Stanislav Gurenko.

“We had two scenarios. And a couple of the blanks. At first Andrew had to travel from room to room of the house, each of which was one of the musicians. For example, in one of the rooms had to be flowing water on the walls, and secondly to burn the bed, lying on her and playing musician, I do not remember who I wanted to sacrifice in the third — exploding light bulbs and whiling away the electricity… I’ve always been inspired by the idea to make the Apocalypse in a confined space, and since the release of the film “1408” she got clingy. Fortunately, we did not test the strength of our office, which was supposed to withdraw from most of the scenes, and even led journalists “the ruins” instead of the usual press conference. All, as usual, no time, no required amount and we are considering the second option. Here the protagonist had to spend the night in an empty apartment on my mattress, to Wake up in smeared white paint Windows and covered in plastic items. Such a type is “suffering from a rag.” Well, we refused it. Then there was a great option with a middle-aged guy who gets naked, swims across the river, comes into the room and starts to fight with various enemies: thin, fat, young, old, women, men. I really liked that the hero crosses the river, but Stas and Andrei quickly brought me back to earth. As a result, when the clip is “burned”, as the microphone on the cover of our album “Tamni code: Rubcon”, Andrew tells us with Stas: “do you Like this idea…” — and immediately gives the whole story. And what are we? We quickly took everything off. The first day was shot on the Parking of shopping center “Atmosphere” on the ground “kinodrom” Dovzhenko film Studio, in the transition from metro station “University”. On the second day I moved to my house in the village. And my friends-filmmakers warned that to allow filming in his own house of learning. The type of stone on stone will remain. Really only loss is the statue of the Frankenstein that I had not slept for two days, broke the next day after the shooting. I think happiness”-

said Alex Sogomonov.

If you still think that the song “DSH” Oh love, you are very surprised by the ending of the clip. Will not spoil — you pleasant viewing!