Ukrainian heats a house by solar energy and makes it to 10 thousand hryvnia per month

Украинец обогревает дом солнечной энергией и зарабатывает на ней до 10 тысяч гривен в месяц

In the morning on the bench at home in the sun, slowly drinking coffee. My companion — a 49-year-old Alexander Andrusenko — the owner of one of the first in Poltava domestic solar power plants, which began to sell surplus energy to the state. And I find myself thinking that while we are enjoying beautiful autumn weather, he is getting the money to your Bank account. That is, from the air. And all his home appliances “powered” by the sun…

“To owners of domestic power plants in Ukraine to no end trying to put spokes in the wheel”

— That’s why some people think that the producers of “green” energy robbing people and shovel money rowing, owns a cozy home on the outskirts of Poltava was not difficult to read my mind.

— Justify the opposite.

— High tariffs for “green” energy, the state pays for compensation, not earnings. Besides, few suggests that for every 16 cents per sold kilowatt (we pay is tied to the Euro) will be subtracted 19.5% taxes. And the price that the population and the industrial enterprises pay for the electricity consumed and the proportion of “domashnikov” one kilowatt is only 0.8 (!) penny. In fact, pet owners of power plants in Ukraine (note that this is not considered a business) produce not so much because they are without end trying to put spokes in the wheel. God forbid until the end of the year make it to the level of the middle unit one coal plant. If at least one of them will be closed, the air will be cleaner. By the way, in France in 2022 will close the last four coal-fired power plants. We are still very far from Europe in this regard. We, alas, in every regional centre has a CHP plant running on coal.

— But “green” tariff in Ukraine is the highest in Europe…

It is a myth. In European countries he initially reached 0.34 Euro per 1 kW. Our country of interest to foreign investors, who began to actively invest in the development of massive solar power plants that industrial plant built by 2020, ten years will have a fixed rate. Although in the world there is a tendency to reduce the cost of energy of nature. The cheapest she is now in the United Arab Emirates and China. While the Dominican Republic and Denmark have completely switched to using clean energy derived from the sun, wind, water and earth.

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— How we build relationships between producers of “green energy” and government?

Usually abroad, the government buys from consumers all the energy, and then sells them. That is, the trader sells it at a higher price and buying at lower. We have the same state only pays for the balance: of the total amount of power generated is automatically deducted consumed. The difference between these numbers is my “profit”. But it is not income, and compensation of funds spent on the construction of the station. According to my calculations, my small home station will be paid back only seven years. Wait another four years. The main thing I have is freedom and confidence in the future.

— What do you think about the recent statement of the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on fuel and energy complex Andriy Gerus about the need for retrospective revision of “green” tariffs? Offers lower purchase price.

— I don’t think it will happen. Because next year the new industrial stations and so will sell “green” energy at auctions at a lower price. And for those built before the existing tariffs are frozen until 2030. The law is not retroactive. Once in Spain tried to cut payments to owners, retroactively lowering tariffs. The Spaniards went to the courts and won the case. To the state including penalties, the initiative cost two to three times more expensive. No economy failed, and the country’s image suffered.

— How often have you credited the money on the account?

— Prices are set once a quarter. The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU), gives a weighted average value of the Euro over this period, and power companies are calculated with the manufacturers, based on this indicator once a month.

— On average how many do you have?

— Ten thousand hryvnia per month, from April to October, which is fine with me. The rest of the time, when production is less than consumption, we have to save on electricity.

“If there will be more “green” energy, thermal power plants, coal will have to manage your power”

Last time we met with Alexander three years ago. To the immigrant from Simferopol, built in Poltava own power station with solar batteries, then many journalists came. He told me that in the first winter in the purchased house the family had to freeze because the heating system was faulty.

Dubljanin where Alexander lives with his wife and two sons, — the sector of private houses. His family travel in 2014 from the occupied Crimea, chose this area is no accident. First, it was relatively inexpensive. And secondly, the man dreamed of your own piece of land to develop alternative energy. He started long ago. The first solar panels made. “No wonder that in the circle of young technicians learned, explains. — Even the champion of Crimea on radio sport (“hunting Fox”) was”. Since their apartment was on the last, fifth floor of “Stalinka”, Alexander used the roof to accommodate a makeshift “solar panels”. He knew even then that he would like to develop further in this direction. Therefore, involuntary resettlement has become for him the opportunity to realize a longtime dream.

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Since we last met, his “solar farm” has expanded considerably. The panels, installed on the ground metal farm added more modern, which were placed on the roofs of outbuildings.

Украинец обогревает дом солнечной энергией и зарабатывает на ней до 10 тысяч гривен в месяцAlexander sets new solar panels

— Its energy independence I sold the car and borrowed money from friends, says Alexander. — The cost of equipment necessary for the production of 10 kW, then cost me 10 thousand dollars (today, prices fell substantially). Now the power of my station is 15 kW.

This is not cheap pleasure — the energy of the sun. In General, the debts I have calculated. Partly because the profit from the sale of the state power invested in the capacity of his station. Although “domashnikov” money and the payback is often not in the first place. Besides, not everyone has the means, so a run to a minimum as my neighbor. He station 6 kW. Nevertheless an addition to the family budget of 3-4 thousand hryvnia per month.

— How many today, in Ukraine, private traders, feed into a common network alternative energy?

— About nine thousand. They are scattered all over the country, so do not overload the grid, that is, not throw a large amount of energy to the network because in different places at the same time solar lighting is different. Energy need as much as it is consumed. If there will be more “green” energy, thermal power plants, coal will have to manage your power. This is the most important in the development of alternative energy.

— Remember, what noise has risen in the spring, when the parliamentarians talked about the abolition of previously existing standards for the installation of domestic plants. Most people resented a ban to install solar panels on land…

If changes were made to the Law “On alternative sources of energy” in the form in which they were originally proposed, the “green” energy in Ukraine would have received a huge blow. By the way, only thanks to the “Dory” and the followers of wind stations managed to defend the right of Ukrainian citizens to use land for placing on it of solar and wind power stations. The bill was written by the people who are far from understanding these issues. For example, the provision that solar power should represent the capital structure or be mounted, was not based on legal norms. Because none of the architectural classifier that stipulates that capital structure.

The people rightly feared that they will have to restructure the documents and find some solutions to the problem. Opened a direct path to corruption. Questions were settled would be using “solved” in the region power and BTI, which recorded the money, or just through the machinations. In General, alternatives decided to act. We came together through social media, created a public organization, came to the Ministry of fuel and energy, offered his edits. Well, if the judge sensibly, is the choice of the owner of the land: potatoes in the ground to grow or to establish a power plant (which, incidentally, can be done in parallel). We have defended that choice. In the new law, which President Vladimir Zelensky signed August 6, lifted restrictions for home solar and wind power.

— And now what?

The document defines the procedure of calculating the level of “green” tariff for all private households, including energy cooperatives, without specifying requirements related to the location of their placement. This is a very important rule. Because “green” energy is produced and wind turbines, which are installed on the ground. To install them also there is no need to take permission. In addition, the enhanced rate of electricity generation for private stations from 30 to 50 kW.

“Housing is heated by warm air taken from the air…”

The house of Alexander Andrusenko — radiomekhanika, sound technician, actor and musician — has long been almost energy independent.

My family is only slightly dependent on buying energy on the side, and it’s very comfortable — gives a tour of his farm Alexander. — For example, when all around the light disappears, we have it. But if there is no sun and the energy is not produced in the right amount, we consumed from the public network. In September, for example, consumed 90 kilowatts. Of course, the light bulb in our house is economical.

Electricity from the public network take only in case of simultaneous work of several powerful appliances. Most of all, our family consumes energy in December, when the few Sunny days we have to buy it from sales.

Украинец обогревает дом солнечной энергией и зарабатывает на ней до 10 тысяч гривен в месяц“My family is only slightly dependent on buying energy on the side. For example, when all around the light disappears, we have it”, — says Alexander Andrusenko

— The winter heat?

— This gas boiler, shows Alexander, — is there, rather, for furniture. I don’t turn it on. Don’t want to pay extra for the supplied gas, and even the aggressor state. This is my principled position. I think that every Ukrainian should strive to be independent of their own state, and especially from the aggressor state. Remember, a few years ago our government offered all to reduce the temperature in living quarters by one degree to save gas in the state? It pushed me and many of my colleagues to resolve this issue fundamentally. What did I do? Abandoned gas consumption by buying two heat pumps (air conditioning) for 15 thousand hryvnias each, which take low-grade heat from the… air. They are powered by solar energy and act as air conditioners, but only on heating. And while the winter temperature does not fall below 15 degrees, the gas can not use. It was this internal protest against Putin’s aggression and Patriotic impulse. My personal contribution to Ukraine’s independence.

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In General, says Alexander, it is better to have two independent energy source for convenience. It plans to install more modern, inverter, air conditioners that give both cold and heat and operate at temperatures up to 25-35 degrees below zero. Of course, part of the energy devices will come from solar panels.

We do not need would be a Russian or Norwegian gas, if the state does not grant allocated to the population on expensive utilities, and a larger budget invested in the development of energy saving technologies, — says my companion. — And of course, strongly encourage the use of these technologies, as practiced in other countries. People make investment in their own economic independence, and the more such people will be in the country, so it will be richer.

and the wind turbine, which is able to provide electricity to two private houses.

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