Ukrainian journalist aboard the plane put the Russians to a standstill with the question “whose Crimea?”

Украинский журналист на борту самолета поставил россиян в тупик вопросом «чей Крым?»

Aboard the “Frankfurt — Chicago” Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Gorovoy put in an awkward situation of citizens of the Russian Federation the question of supplies of Crimea.

As told by the journalist on his page in Facebook, he was approached by two men and asked in Russian to switch places with familiar girls. In response Gorovoy asked where they came from. After learning that the passengers arrived from Russia, our countryman asked them who owns the Crimea.

The companions replied that he did not know much about politics, but the journalist repeated the question again. Men once again stressed that they are “apolitical”.

“Well, then fly with your girls separately”, — said the Ukrainian.