Ukrainian Luge will not be at the world Cup in Russia

Украинских саночников не будет на чемпионате мира в России

Ukrainian Luge is not going to the world Championships 2020, which will be held in Sochi.

This was announced by Executive Director of the Federation Luge of Russia Stanislav Tyurin.

Also at the event will be presented to the teams of Canada and China.

“Following the completion of the formal deadline in the world championship will bring together athletes from 20 countries. Among the leading teams in world competition, not just Canada. All the other leading teams will be presented on the track in Sochi. The world Cup will come some 200 athletes and coaches”, – quotes Turina with reference to TASS.

“There were no applications from federations of Ukraine and China. Luge from China last year rode on the track in Sochi for a training week before the world Cup, and apparently realized that while they too early to make a claim.

What caused the failure of the Ukrainian Federation, it is hard to say,” added the official.

Note. what the national teams of Ukraine and China also performed at last year’s world Cup Luge in Sochi.

The world Cup 2020 in Luge will be held from 14 to 16 February.