Ukrainian meat producers will have to establish new distribution channels

Because of quarantine measures in 2020, Ukrainian meat producers will have to establish new distribution channels.

Украинским производителям мяса придется налаживать новые каналы сбыта

In an interview with the ГолосUA said analyst Andrey Pankratov.

“The production chain consists of stages of agricultural production (farm) and processing (meat processing plants). Sometimes these steps are combined within a vertically integrated business, sometimes not. So the changes will affect, primarily, those links in the chain that are closer to the final consumer, and those who are closer to the ground may be nothing to feel. Trade in the markets we have been forbidden to the weakening of quarantine, trade in the retail network had some limitations, but actively developing online trading and shipping. And manufacturers will have to adapt to the new reality,” he said.

Pankratov added that, maybe to increase the profitability of meat producers will have to adjust the supply of meat to customers in the form of separate portions.

“Big chances for success will be those who will take care of convenient for simple and possibly not very experienced home cook of portionate and packaging of their products. Obviously a good demand for semi-finished products of high degree of readiness, and fully ready to consume products. These changes will need to inform the consumer, that is, will need to seriously invest in marketing. Well, we can go even further and think about the delivery of your product directly to the consumer home,” said the analyst.