Ukrainian media hastened to report that the Czech Republic recognized the Russian Crimea (PHOTO)

Украинские СМИ поспешили сообщить, что Чехия признала Крым российским (ФОТО)

Media and blogs, mainly the Ukrainian, the day before reports emerged that the Czech President Milos Zeman has recognized Crimea as Russian territory. Later this information was denied as it turned out, it came from the Pro-Kremlin activists invited to the reception on the occasion of the Day of formation of independent Czechoslovakia.

October 28 Czech Republic celebrated the Day of formation of independent Czechoslovakia. Traditionally on this day the Czech President’s reception, which name hundreds of guests. Invitations is engaged in the office of the President.

This year among the guests at the reception were members of the Pro-Kremlin Crimean Tatar movement “the Unity of Crimea” in Simferopol. They took pictures with attending guests, in particular, with the Prime Minister Chahiye Andrew Babish. Then on the organization’s website had been published on admission in Prague with the comment that President Zeman “recognized the Republic of Crimea part of the Russian Federation”.

Write Pro-Kremlin activists drew the attention of the Czech edition DenikN. The representative of the President Jiri Ovcacek did not comment on the claims of activists, with journalists joining in the fray. Thursday comments for ČTK, he noted that, according to Zeman, the annexation of Crimea took place in contradiction with international law.

Thus, messages about recognition Zeman the annexation of Crimea was based only on the fact of the invitation of the Pro-Kremlin activists at the reception, along with hundreds of other guests and their own statement. No official announcement of such recognition, neither Zeman nor his press Secretary did.

The Website recalls that the Czech Republic does not officially recognize the Russian jurisdiction in Crimea. Zeman previously called the annexation of the Peninsula “fait accompli”, adding that this does not mean recognition of the legitimacy of Russia’s actions. The Ukrainian Embassy in Prague protested, calling the incident an attempt to prevent the development of Ukrainian-Czech relations. In February 2018, the Ministry of education, youth and sports of the Czech Republic has withdrawn from circulation school atlases, in which Crimea was marked as Russian territory.