Ukrainian migrant workers have created a critical situation on the border with Poland

The Chairman of the State customs service of Ukraine Maxim nefodov spoke about the critical situation on the border of Ukraine and Poland.

Украинские заробитчане создали критическую ситуацию на границе с Польшей

About it reports “Hvil” with reference to the official website Nefiodova in Facebook.

According to the head of the state customs service, the border of the two States formed a huge queue of cars. He added that he already transferred the maximum number of people to enter from the exit.

“On the border of traditional Christmas queue from Poland. Sorry for the status quo, with the new year under the approved plan, start the reconstruction and completion of the 12 checkpoints on the border. While trying to do all I can with the existing bandwidth, threw the men high with the exit entry. But the issue from our side more cars than they have conceded the poles, we are physically not capable. For understanding — here is a photo / video with Silnice online — on our side there’s space! By the poles is all (the scene with their cameras in front of them a barrier of entry), there is still a lot of people on tax-free go”, — explained the situation nefodov in the post.

And also noted that the whole process slows down the procedure of registration of cars that belong to citizens of Ukraine living abroad.

“They make a written commitment about the export cars, and this longer than miss tourist… next year we’ll think about how to electronservice this process. For example, in Transcarpathia last year issued about 100 such cars a day, now 1400”, — concluded the head of the state customs service.