Ukrainian pensioners will index payments in July

From 1 July due to the increase in the cost of living index will increase the size of the minimum pension.

Украинским пенсионерам проиндексируют выплаты в июле

About who and how much to increase payments according to the portal “Hvilya”.

A living wage will grow to UAH 2118, and the pension to 1712, 74 hryvnia in comparison with the previous indicator.

In addition, in December, pensioners will have another increase. “Minimum salary” will grow to 57 USD and reaches 1,769 USD.

Now the country’s 11.4 million people who receive pensions. 0,7% of them (about 80 thousand) pay suspensio. These include reached retirement age, but without the necessary seniority to receive payments. They pay “minimal”.

Due to the increase in the minimum pension PFCs will recalculate the amount of payments for excess length. All pensioners of Ukraine with the experience of more than 35 (men) and 30 years (women) make an allowance of 1% of the “minimal salary” for each year processed. Today premium of 16.38 UAH, from July 1, will reach 17.12 USD.

In addition, all pensioners from 80 years will continue each month to get an additional 500 UAH. In may, they were paid for 1.5 million people. This premium will be counted automatically when you reach 80 years of age.