Ukrainian Premier League has developed a calendar for the conclusion of season 2019/20

Украинская Премьер-лига разработала календарь для завершения сезона-2019/20

Eugene Wild

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Premier League Eugene Wild said that the leadership of the League has already prepared a timetable for the resumption of the season-2019/20, suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus.

“Yes, we already have a calendar. We know how the matches will be held and already officially informed the clubs that all the members of the League will receive a minimum of two weeks to prepare for the first game of the championship resumed.

You need at least a month and a half for these remaining rounds. The Cup is also taken into account. Then there are some tours that will be conducted under the scheme “Wednesday-Wednesday”, – quotes the words of a functionary of the “Football News”.

Note, UEFA insists that the national Federation played domestic Championships.