Ukrainian Premier League has turned into a scapegoat, and not the organization, and is located on the bottom – the presidential candidate of the Premier League

Украинская Премьер-лига превратилась в козла отпущения, а не организацию, и находится на дне - кандидат в президенты УПЛ

Oleg Smalyuk

Former Vice-President of the Lvov “Carpathians” Oleg Smalyuk, which is one of candidate for the post of President of the Ukrainian Premier League, on the eve of elections for the position, said the prospect of the big problems, in his view, are a Ukrainian football in the near future.

“Historically we have is so formed that the first clubs elect a President to lead the football and then they run by the President. Then he just rubs his pants and receives a salary. So I promise to work for free. None of you, dear club owners and presidents, I will not ask a penny. But demand at a meeting with club owners to Express their proposal – unpopular, which not everyone will like it,” said Smalyuk in an interview with TV channel “Football 1/2/3”.

“We are close to the bottom, and it may happen that you will have nothing to save. Political schematize needs to go. Football has become a religion. I have 20 years of living abroad and I felt ashamed to be submitted by the Manager from Ukraine. 8 out of 10 players who are Ukrainian clubs, not stand in the European Championships scrutiny and come back home in a warm bath.

We are on the verge of having to take strong-willed decisions. We play to that of football in the country in General may not be. Due to political dogovornyakov Premier League turned into a scapegoat, and not the organization. Or we will have a strong League with an independent President, or we are not interested” – he made an offer to the businessman.