Ukrainian scientists are studying climate change with the help of penguins (PHOTO)

Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky” were surrounded by penguins. Employees of the station with the help of animal behavior will be to study climate change.

On the island of Galindez in Antarctica, where the Ukrainian Antarctic station. Vernadsky, settled-loving penguins to Gent and was a lot of flowering plants.

Украинские ученые изучают изменения климата с помощью пингвинов (ФОТО)

According to Wild, when the Ukrainians had just passed the station, in its vicinity there was not a single penguin to the Gent.

“For the time during which the station belongs to Ukraine, this type of 300-400 kilometers to spread its range to the South. I remind you that to the South in the Antarctic is so cold. In our area and penguin Djent is becoming every year more and more people, ” said the polar Explorer.

As the scientist believes, it is possible to speak about climate change, because such observations are not the first and there is data over a long period.

“We actually monitor how the ecosystem responds to climate change,” said Wild.

According to estimates of Ukrainian polar explorers, is now on the island Gandules lives 2627 penguins the Gent. For comparison, in 2007, scientists never came across in this part of Antarctica their nests.

Wild mentions another evidence of climate change. So, Antarctica gradually turns green on the mainland are becoming more widely available flowering plants.

“Throughout the Antarctic survived only two species of flowering plants: lugovik and Colobanthus. For comparison, in Ukraine 4.5 thousand species. There is a clear dynamics of muchnika becomes every year more and also it extends to the South. That is, has gone far beyond our station. And before that we were the most extreme southern point where it actually met, ” — said the researcher.

Colobanthus, common North of the station, with each year increasingly appears where before ROS.

According to scientists, on the island of Galindez (it is station) recorded 2627 penguins the Gent. This species appeared on the island due to global warming. Since a few years ago near the station there was not a single representative of this thermophilic species.

And of individual species the Adelie, which are more resistant to cold, gradually recede into Antarctica.

Украинские ученые изучают изменения климата с помощью пингвинов (ФОТО)

Penguins the Gent now frequent guests on the station / photo Mont

Украинские ученые изучают изменения климата с помощью пингвинов (ФОТО)

In polar a lot of work on the station / photo Mont

What is known about Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky”?

  • located on the island of Galindez (archipelago Argentine Islands);
  • the station employs 12 year-round explorers. Their task is to conduct scientific research in Antarctica;
  • operates since 1960-ies. Until 1996 was a British station called “Faraday”.

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