Ukrainian singer Anna Zhulin presented the first clip

“Woman chocolate” is a short story about the life of a beautiful lady. It’s just a stage image that I want, for once in your life, try every woman” — said the singer about the role of the main heroine of the clip.

Украинская певица Аня Жулина презентовала первый клип

The clip was directed Radislav Lukin, known for his collaboration with artists such as Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Olga Buzova, Dima Bilan, Sergey Shnurov, Emin, Kazaky, a Machete, Regina Todorenko and others.

“Together we created a story about the mysterious woman. In each frame you can see the incredible aesthetic the combination of chocolate and contingent notions of “beautiful” of a successful woman’s life”, — told the music video.

The shooting took place in Kiev in late September. The whole filming process was very exciting. Filming team used a few locations, each of them had its own story.

More can be seen in the first video Ani Gulini:

Anya Zhulin is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter. Tall brunette with soulful eyes and a pronounced charisma, sings on explicit themes and is not afraid to boldly Express their feelings on stage and beyond. Anya is a professional musician, lecturer in music and singing, in my spare time I sing jazz and pop in the capital’s concert halls.

Extensive experience of live performances and a motley audience helped Anna to form his musical style and character. It is in the genre of chanson, Zhulin were able not only to discover their vocal talent, but also to tell their story, to give the audience characteristic enthusiasm and warmth.