Ukrainian su-27 blew a few people at an Airshow in Belgium

Украинский Су-27 сдул несколько человек на авиашоу в Бельгии

Su-27 Ukrainian air force jet engine blew a few people staff at Airshow Sanicole Airshow in Belgium.

Successful performance of Ukrainian pilots at an Airshow in Belgium, the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine reported on 10 September. Around the same time on YouTube was released and the video of the incident, but the popularity of this video has got just now.

In the video, shot as a fighter during the turn on the strip puts the engine speed and powerful jet stream literally sweeps away several people from the staff. Behind the scenes someone is laughing loudly.

In the video, filmed from another point, it is clear that the jet stream blew away not only people, but also the metal fence, behind which stood the spectators.