Ukrainian weightlifter reacted to the decision of the IOC to deprive him of the gold medal

Ukrainian weightlifter Oleksiy torokhtiy told about his attitude to the fact that the IOC stripped him of the gold medal of the 2012 Olympics in London for the anti-doping rule violation.

Украинский тяжелоатлет отреагировал на решение МОК лишить его золотой медали

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
“A year ago, December 22, 2018, I published a post that ITA made a re-check of my dope samples c Olympic games 2012 (6.5 years later) and the check results IOC had notified me of the anti-doping rule violation. As I reported earlier, at the Olympic games 2012 I took precompetitive and after competition doping control. Throughout the 12 years of performing on the international stage, all the results of my doping tests were negative,” wrote torokhtiy in your facebook.

“In February 2019 was produced autopsy samples B for more detailed information. A prohibited substance is found in negligible concentrations and the assessment of the independent expert is comparable to a single ingested and could not affect the competitive outcome.

Analyze all sports supplements, which I used at the time, 7 years later, it is not possible, and not make sense, because according to the rules of the International Olympic Committee, any concentration is a violation. How do I feel? A year ago I was upset with this news, but at the moment I’m focused on my family and my new projects,” said torokhtiy.