Ukrainian “youth team” in the match of UEFA Euro 2021 lost in Romania (video)

Украинская «молодежка» в матче отбора к Евро-2021 уступила в Румынии (видео)

Thursday, October 10, the youth team of Ukraine, before losing to the Finns and the defeat of Malta, held another match of the qualifying round of Euro 2021. 15-thousand stadium “Ilie of Oana” in Ploiesti coach Ruslan rotan fought with their peers from Romania.

Romania (U21) — Ukraine (U21) — 3:0

Ukraine (U21): Bilyk, Bulls, Priests, Milovanov, Dubinchuk, Czech (Alibekov, 78), Cebarco, Lednev (Mudrik, 71), Topalov (Tsitaishvili, 58), Shaparenko, Rusin (Supryaga, 71).

Goals: Morozan (75), Peter (80, 90+4).

The opening minutes of the meetings actively conducted the wards Ruslan rotan, but the benefits of its activity were unable to derive. However, as Romanians, in the future possession of the gaming initiative. “Yellow-blue” organized defended, allowing the home side to strike in the first half only one shot on target the goalkeeper, “Alexandria” Bilyk.

Soon after the break Rusin on the outskirts of the Romanian goal earned a dangerous free kick, and after “shot” Ledneva owners saved the post. Cool chance after a solo run by substitute of Tsitaishvili had Shaparenko, but the shot of the players hit the crossbar. However, our team several times was frankly saved by the goalkeeper.

But Bilyk was powerless when in the 75th minute after “lumbago” from the flank of Morocan skillfully sent the ball into the net of the Ukrainian team. Unfortunately, soon after the “yellow-blue” in a similar situation, missed another goal. The only difference is that the first hit our goalkeeper parried, but the rebound after the ball ricocheted from Popov was in the grid — 2:0. A sending off in the 85th minute, the Romanians just substitute our Marina didn’t help. Moreover, in the 94th minute after a inconsistency of the defender and goalkeeper into the goal Ukraine scored another goal.

In other matches of the day’s play in the group 8 recorded the following results: Finland — Malta — 4:0 Denmark — Northern Ireland — 2:1.

Position of commands: 1. Finland — 7 points (3 matches); 2. Denmark — 6 (2); 3. Romania — 3 (2); 4. Ukraine — 3 (3); 5. Northern Ireland — 2 (3); 6. Malta — 1 (3).

Directly from Romania wards Ruslan rotan go to Greece, where on 14 October in Athens, will play a friendly match against the local “youth”. And his next fight selection, our “Junior” will hold on November 15 at the Arena Lviv against their peers from Denmark.

Recall that directly to the final stage in the UEFA European under-2021 will the winners of the nine groups, and one pass play in the playoffs the top four teams placing in the groups second place.


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