Ukrainians are “delighted” with the new tax

In 2016, the Ukrainian government introduced a tax on real estate or the so-called luxury tax. To pay to the Treasury should have been those who have living area exceeds the preferential boundaries. In the last three years the amount of the contribution to the Treasury has varied depending on the size of the subsistence minimum and the minimum wage. The latter figure has increased significantly and amounted to UAH 4723. therefore increased amount of luxury tax.

Украинцев «обрадовали» новым налогом

Property tax pay everything – and physical persons, and legal entities. You have to pay, if the size of the apartment or house is higher the following indicators:

  • the apartment is 60 square meters;
  • house more than 120 square meters.

The tax applies to surplus area. That is, if the apartment is 70 square meters, you will have to pay for 10 square meters.

There are cases where the exemption does not apply and you have to pay for the entire area of the property. If the apartment or house exceeds fivefold amount of the tax-free area. Also does not cover preferential rate and on the objects that are used for profit – rented, used as office.

The tax rate can be set by local authorities. Therefore, the Ukrainians have to figure out all the details in the village Council or district Council in the city. At the state level set the upper limit is not more than 1.5% of the minimum wage. In connection with the increase in the minimum wage increase and the increase in the amount of tax to 70 UAH.

To pay the tax and not to be penalized Ukrainians must wait for notification from the IRS that come in the mail. In the envelope will be a receipt, which need to pay within 60 days. It should be noted that penalties for late payment or failure to pay tax impressive.

In addition to the luxury tax and real estate Ukrainians imposed and other payments. In particular, the government wants to penalize TV channels for excess Russian content and language of the aggressor. First of all it concerns the commercials. No luck and the owners of cars with foreign registration. The so-called eurobserv still will be fined for the lack of domestic documents and license plates at the car.

Not remained aloof and entrepreneurs. So, the government decided to increase the penalties to business for violation of the rules and regulations of accounting and taxes.