Ukrainians are deprived of the opportunity to cash remittances

Due to the order guides PrivatBank Ukrainians are deprived of the opportunity to cash currency transfers at the time of quarantine because of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Украинцев лишили возможности обналичивать валютные переводы

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to the opinion of the Bank’s customer on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to a customer who wrote a negative review about the work of the Bank, he pre-came a money transfer through Western Union, but he failed to cash currency.

The man also was indignant due to the fact that PrivatBank was not warned about the changes, because the institution had pre-approved the application for international transfer.

“Came transfer by Western Union, I called to the 3700 17 Mar made the order currency. On the 18th the answer came from your application (2693) approved, you can take 19.03 in the Department. Came in, waited in line, I report that there is no money. So what’s with the attitude? It was possible at least to inform. And it looks really bad in PrivatBank, if ceased to serve Western Union,” complained the man.

Technical support PrivatBank explained the situation with remittances. The fact that the Bank has stopped issuing currency on 18 March 2020 because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“The Bank continues to work with the translation system Western Union. You can still obtain a money transfer online to card Privat24. PrivatBank transfers valyutoobmen online at the time of termination of the international flights. March 18 PrivatBank conduct foreign exchange transactions for customers of physical persons in the cashless form through mobile banking Privat24 web version of Privat24 and a network of self-service terminals”, — said the representative of the Bank in the comments.