Ukrainians are more likely to use Bank cards to buy

Despite the fact that in March 10% increase in the volume of cash transactions on the cards over the previous year, the growth rate of card transactions has declined.

Украинцы стали чаще пользоваться банковскими картами: что покупают

This has resulted in quarantine restrictions, according to Ukrainian processing center (UPC), according to UBR.

The conclusion is the company made based on the analysis of active payment cards of the Bank clients, which was carried out at least one operation for 3 months.

According to the study, the number of transactions cash withdrawals from ATMs decreased by 21%. Withdraw money by 13.2% fewer customers, and the average amount of cash amounted to UAH 3128.

The Ukrainians, on the basis of the total volume of card transactions still mainly calculated in the POS-terminals (62%) and take cash (23%). Payments in POS terminals have shown a growth of 17% in the number of operations of the holders and the 16.8% in monetary terms.

Ukrainians are more likely to pay for goods and services on the Internet and spent more money. In General, the number of Internet operations increased by 29.3%, and the amount of spending increased 2.7 times. The average amount paid was up to 1400 UAH in comparison with UAH 500 over the same period in 2019.

Most often Ukrainians on the Internet pay for online services, replenish mobile account and pay for video games. However, the greatly increased expenses of Ukrainians for food – monetary volume of transactions this category of transactions doubled, and their total number increased by 126%. Also a 63% increase in orders ready meals, as the amount of payment for it (+93%). Half most Ukrainians are spending on a taxi, but the amount of payments increased by only 46%.

Expect reduced operations associated with the purchase of air and railway tickets (39 per cent in quantity and 68% in monetary terms). Also declined purchase at online clothing stores (59% in quantity and 19% in cash equivalents).

The number of money transfers from card to card increased by 54%, and the total amount of turnover in this category by 62%. The average transfer from card to card amounted to UAH 2455, but the total volume of transactions, the transfers still occupy a small place (3.8 per cent).

In April, given the extension of the quarantine restrictions, UPC predicts a decrease of transactions on the cards. However, relative to March last year, the number of such transactions grew by 8.6%.

Ukrainians have become more economical and mostly spend money for necessary goods and services, often listed on other cards.

In total, the study used the data of payment cards 24 banks-clients who are served by UPC.