Ukrainians banks raise rates on cards: how to act

In Ukraine, banks should warn customers about tariff changes within 30 days.

Банки повышают украинцам тарифы по картам: как действовать

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The publication notes that a basic service of any Bank is to open your client account, and to which, as a rule, the payment card.

“After that, you can transfer funds from card to card to buy goods online, if you need to withdraw cash. However, banks may establish a Commission on these operations. Therefore, signing a contract, we suggest you first carefully read the Bank and be sure to pay attention to the order of their increase,” – stated in the message

It is emphasized that the Bank should warn its customers about tariff changes not less than 30 days prior to the date of the introduction of new tariffs. Otherwise, a financial institution violates the rights of their clients.

Moreover, the Bank can alert customers via any communication channel (message, messenger, mobile app, phone call etc) or post relevant information on its website.

The Bank is not warned about the change in tariffs: what to do?

First you need to send a written complaint addressed to the management of the Bank and to wait for the official answer.

If the Bank is not responding or trying to “circumvent” your arguments should apply to the national Bank of Ukraine.

In the case where the letter contains evidence of violations of the rights of consumers, the specialists of the NBU apply directly to the Bank to remedy the situation.

Practice shows that after requests by the National Bank of Ukraine banks agree to postpone the increase of tariffs and return the deducted Commission, if clients were not informed 30 days before the increase by the Bank tariffs.