Ukrainians began to buy more electric cars

Украинцы стали чаще покупать электрокары


Sales of electric cars increased

Most of the electric cars sold cars of the brand NISSAN Leaf — 1159 pieces., of them new only 6 pieces.

For the first six months of the current year in Ukraine by 10% increased demand for electric vehicles. It is reported by the Association of automakers of Russia (Ukrautoprom).

“In the first half of 2020 in Ukraine has been put on record 3516 units of vehicles operating solely on electric. This result is 10% better than last year”, — stated in the message.

Noted, even this amount was only purchased equipment motor electric vehicles — 3346 units (+ 13% compared to the same period last year). Delsea followed by commercial vehicles on electric — 169 pieces (-23% yoy) and one electroavtomat.

The share of new technology in registrations this year were as follows: in passenger cars was 7.8%; commercial — 2,4%; buses 100%.

The five most popular models to battery power source includes: NISSAN Leaf — 1159 PCs of which only 6 PCs .; TESLA Model S — 389 PCs. (new — 2); TESLA Model 3 — 358 PCs (new — 8 PCs.); TESLA Model X 162 pieces (new — 11 PCs.); VOLKSWAGEN e-Golf — 161 PCs. (new — 0).

Among the new electric cars were popular crossover AUDI E-Tron. From January to June of this model chose 59 of the Ukrainians.

In General, today the Ukrainian fleet of electric vehicles exceeded 20 thousand units.