Ukrainians can revoke the output on Saturday

The government of Ukraine plans to introduce changes in a new labor law, which include, in particular, six working days instead of five.

Украинцев могут лишить выходного в субботу

In addition, it is assumed that the Ukrainians will be able to take a vacation for 30 days — reports Hvylya, citing Rayonka.
According to the authors of the amendments, it should create an additional 1 million jobs. In addition, in their opinion, these changes will contribute to the reduction of unemployment and the withdrawal of shadow wages.

So, according to the draft law, when applying for a job, the employment contract will be required. This rule would apply, in particular, to people working in seasonal jobs, the so-called freelancers – those who work remotely. “Under contract” and get students working part-time.

It is assumed that only seven types of transactions.

The main changes to the Labour code.

  • 30 vacation days per year instead of 24.-
  • The working week was increased to 6 working days (decided by the employer).
  • The ability to fire employees from companies without explanation. —
  • The absence of labor books.

For reference.

Five-day working week with two days in the USSR was introduced March 1967 decree of the CPSU Central Committee, Council of Ministers of the USSR and of the all .

In 1977 the USSR Constitution enshrines the 41‑hour working week.