Ukrainians complain about the abnormally low rate in exchange offices

The currency exchange at the international airport “Borispol” has lowered the US dollar rate to less than 20 UAH/$. This is reported by users in Facebook.

Украинцы жалуются на аномально низкий курс в обменниках

For abnormally low rate drew the attention of Alexander Goncharov. In the photo, published on page 18 of the Dec can be seen that the exchange offers for 1 us dollar to 19.3 UAH. Euro buy 21,1 UAH per unit, British pound to 23.3 UAH.

However, at such rate of foreign currency can only sell. You can buy a dollar for 23,45 UAH.

In the comments other users said that they do not see any deception on the part of the currency exchange and what’s happening is simply the exploitation of a monopoly.

This is not the first case when the Ukrainians capture such a course in “Borispol”. For example, another user of the social network has published a similar photo on December 15. It offers exchange for $ 1 to 19.3 UAH, Euro of 20.55 per pound of 23.2 UAH.