Ukrainians from Minnesota, entered the truck into the crowd of protesters, not charged

June 2, Ukrainian from Minnesota Bogdan Vechirko of entering the truck into the crowd of protesters in Minneapolis who were released from the prison does not put forward the charges. According to law enforcement, the investigation continues, writes “Voice of America”.

Украинцу из Миннесоты, въехавшему на грузовике в толпу протестующих, не предъявили обвинений

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35-year-old U.S. citizen of Ukrainian origin, was arrested on suspicion of assault and held in the County jail Hennepin. In Minnesota can hold suspects without formal charges for up to 36 hours. In the case of Vechirko this period has expired.

The evening of 31 may, Vechirko while driving an empty tanker truck at high speed drove into a crowd of protesters who were moving towards the freeway I-35W. Local media in Minnesota reported that he signaled to the protesters, however, did not reduce speed. The protesters managed to escape, and none of them was hurt. When the driver stopped his truck surrounded by a crowd.

In the photos it is noticeable that Vechirko beat. His face and body there are bruises and traces of blood. Not officially confirmed who did it. Before entering into law enforcement officers took the driver to hospital, where Vechirko diagnosed injuries, not life threatening.

On Tuesday, 2 June, Vechirko released from custody.

Украинцу из Миннесоты, въехавшему на грузовике в толпу протестующих, не предъявили обвинений

Photo: Hennepin County Jail


Prosecutors could accuse Bogdan of Vechirko later if you find evidence of his guilt.

“Investigators are now in the process of gathering additional information and answers that will help you make the decision on charges,” — said the Prosecutor’s office of the district Hennepin.

The Commissioner of the Department of public safety John Harrington said early in the investigation, the actions of Vechirko looked as intentional, but it may be that it didn’t happen on purpose.

In Minneapolis, as in other U.S. cities, most weeks, continuing mass protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd during a brutal police arrest. Public outrage was the fact that during the arrest one of the officers for a long time pressed with his knee on his neck lying on the asphalt of Floyd. The man repeated that he could not breathe. Police stepped with his knee on the neck of the Floyd, charged with murder.

Bogdan vacirca works as an independent contractor to the company on transportation of cargoes Ken Advantage. The company said it was ready to cooperate fully with the investigation.

“Our first and foremost concern is the safety of the public, our employees and our clients, — said the representative of the company. — We will fully cooperate in the investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment on the situation until we have more facts because the investigation is at an early stage”.

Who is Bogdan Vechirko

In the Ukrainian community of Minnesota describe Vecherko as “Ukrainians, the peace of a Christian, good family man, honest and decent man”. There told that Bogdan Vecherko was raised in a family of Evangelical Christians.

According to sources in the Ukrainian community, the family of Vechirko emigrated to the United States when Bogdan was 5 years old, in the status of religious refugees. His family — from Chervonograd, Lviv region.

According to sources, Bogdan vacirca and his wife are waiting for the firstborn: the author of vechirka is on the eighth month of pregnancy. She is originally from Transnistria.

As told “Voice of America” a relative of the family of Bohdan Artem Loginov, during the arrest, someone from the crowd stole Vechirko wallet and mobile phone. Now with this stolen phone unknown call my wife and friends Vechirko threats. Pregnant wife was forced to temporarily change their place of residence.

Friends say that Bogdan is a good private attorney, but did not say who is funding legal services.

Friends of Vecherko also add that Bogdan did not fight in the East of Ukraine, served in the Ukrainian army, was in the winery and he doesn’t have a page on Facebook, as was reported by some Russian media. According to friends, after immigration Bogdan only time I was in Ukraine came to Odessa two years ago.


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