Ukrainians have named the reasons for the imminent increase in electricity tariffs

Despite the creation of anti-Crisis energy headquarters, check “Ukrenergo”, negotiations with investors, the promise of the Cabinet situation in the energy sector continues to deteriorate, rising rates, increasing debt, set a record for power production.

Украинцам назвали причины скорого повышения тарифов на электроэнергию

About this in his material for ZN.UA wrote candidate of economic Sciences Sergey Slezi.

In mid-may, the head of the parliamentary Committee on energy Andriy Gerus stated that the total capacity of the operating units of nuclear power plants declined to 6780 MW. This is less than half of the total nuclear capacity, which is a historical record of Ukraine.

Gerus said that because of the shutdown of nuclear units to 15% increased the cost of electricity for businesses.

While the interim energy Minister Olga Bukovec said that Ukraine has the lowest electricity tariff for domestic consumers is among the European countries.

However, Sergey Slezi believes that the increase in tariffs for electricity can not be avoided.

The first reason for this he calls accumulation in the industry since July of last year, debt in the amount of 50 billion UAH. 4.7 out of them in the population. Furthermore, on 28 billion UAH. debts accumulated in previous years.

Slezi explained that the increase in tariffs will occur from-for debts before suppliers of “green” electricity from renewable sources according to various sources amount to 9-12 billion. To date, the tariff for such electricity exceed 4 UAH./KWh and according to forecasts of the economist may be reduced only by 7.5-15%, which would still leave it the highest in the world.