Ukrainians have reduced the cost of heating in the range of 30%

Ukrainians in 124 cities have reduced tariffs for heating and conducted a recalculation. The average decrease in the amount in the payment in Ukraine amounted to 30%. But it varies from region to region.

Украинцам снизили стоимость отопления в пределах 30%

The fact that the percentage of reduction depends on the cost of gas and the specific weight of this component in the tariff (including the cost of transporting fuel and the mark-up assbite) writes Today.

“The more the cost of gas, the tariff structure and the greater its specific weight, the greater the percentage of conversion for the consumer. Conversely, the smaller the cost of gas and its specific weight in the tariff structure (for example, when using enterprise for production of thermal energy other fuel types: coal, wood, pellets, electricity, etc.), the smaller the percentage of the refund to the consumer”, – told in the Ministry of regional development.

The Agency explained that to reduce the amount in the payment succeeded, primarily due to the reduction in the price of gas. In December 2019, it was 4276,7 UAH per thousand cubic meters (without VAT), but the tariffs for heat most of the heating enterprises was considered at the level of UAH 6235,51. That is, the difference reached 1958,81 UAH, or 31.4%. Therefore, the Cabinet adopted a resolution which gave ??the ability to reduce the size of a payment for heat and utilities if the price of the purchased CTV gas seemed to be lower than the rates included in the tariff.

The discount and information on recalculations in each case shall be separately stated on the bill.