Ukrainians have warned that prices will rise in all product categories

In Ukraine because of the drought and the may frosts, the farmers suffered heavy losses.

As the Wave passes, it writes the Columnist.

Украинцев предупредили, что цены поднимутся на все категории продуктов

So, the recent frosts may adversely affect the harvest of vegetable crops, which reacted to the weather forecaster of the hydrometeorological center of Kharkiv Igor Kibalchich. He posted on his Facebook page photos frozen crops on the fields in the Zaporozhye region.

Украинцев предупредили, что цены поднимутся на все категории продуктов

In turn, inhabitants of Kiev region and the Carpathian in the comments under the post also reported frost on the ground to 6 degrees below zero.

It is emphasized that a horrible situation turned out to be eve Kirovohrad region, after all, are there because of drought and frost, the crops died on 300 acres of land, and the farmers peresevat field.

So, leaving the data of the Department of agriculture in Kirovohrad region, the region has lost 2.7 million hectares of winter crops. In total losses of farmers will be 20-30% of the planned harvest.

Meanwhile, farmers in Ternopil region complain that dust storms and frosts destroyed crops, sugar-beet, tomatoes, and sunflower.

It is noted that throughout the territory of Ukraine the situation is critical, but despite this, the forecast is for calm, that soon no more surprises from nature will not. Moreover, it is even favorable to farmers.

A leading weather forecaster of Department of weather forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra Roman murmylo I in the comment to the edition reported that in Ukraine for two weeks, is expected to rainy weather, however, frost or other threats to plants phenomena, not predicted.

“The rains for the agricultural sector will be salutary. Due to dry weather in the previous period, to saturate the soil with moisture, is estimated to need somewhere between 30 and 40 mm of rain. It will be beneficial for those crops that survived the drought,” – said the forecaster.

Prices will rise

While economists report that prices will rise for all categories of products, and this will affect not only the bad weather conditions.

According to a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin, in Ukraine is expected to reduce agricultural production by 10%. Moreover, the projected grain harvest, also will be less than 8-9 million tons.

“The projected yield of grain will also be less than 8-9 million tons. A bunch of reasons, and bad weather is not the main, the whole world bad dropped out because of the pandemic coronavirus. The decrease in yield occurs not only in our country, therefore, at the end of this year, food prices will go up”, – said Pendzin.

The growth of prices for the moment it is not projected, because the stores lies a crop of last year. The economist also believes that due to quarantine the demand for food has fallen. In his opinion, this is due to the closure of the work establishments.

“The situation with prices will start to move when we move into the new marketing year, and this will happen in late July, early August. Then the prices will crawl on all products, starting with the potatoes, finishing with the meat, at least 10%”, – said the expert.

Meanwhile, his colleague economic expert Alexey Doroshenko said on more optimistic forecasts. He noted that the situation with the harvest is projected to be much better than expected. “The prices of many products fell back to the March level. Now we see rainy weather, which will still raise a good crop, but there are affected regions – Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa. For individual farmers in General, crops were destroyed, and the rest of the loss of the crop is around 60-70%”.

Doroshenko also States that this problem applies only to certain, at the same time, in other regions it is expected a record harvest, which compensates for the loss of other areas.

He also expressed the view that traditional vegetables are at risk. According to him, with a bow there will be difficulties, which is grown in Kherson region. “There is a problem with the harvest. To buy it would be problematic, as many importing countries banned the export of this vegetable. Since March of onions and potatoes rose in price by 60-70%, and the forecasts do not improve.”