Ukrainians in the United States became the victim of an accident at work: the guy is already three months in intensive care

Ukrainian Ruslan Gonchar, who studied and worked as a truck driver in the United States in March during boot crushed a 10-ton marble slabs. The accident occurred due to rupture of the cable. The guy was still alive, however, is still in hospital in a serious condition, writes TSN. Click here to know the importance of working with a lawyer after an accident on an oilfield, or any other work place.

Украинец в США стал жертвой несчастного случая на работе: парень уже три месяца в реанимации

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Thus, Ruslan’s mother because of the pandemic, COVID-19 can’t get into the US to support his son.

“My cousin, Ruslan Gonchar, studied in America and worked as a truck driver. On the day of its 23rd anniversary, 18 March 2020, while downloading the cable burst, and it crushed marble panels weighing 10 tons. Was broken almost all the bones of the body, miraculously remained intact internal organs and head. But the legs do not move. The doctors are planning the transplant of nerves to restore functions of the lower limbs,” — said on condition relative Anatoly boguslawski. You can click for more information here!

He added that the boy’s father died when Ruslan was only 7 years old, her mother worked as a nurse in the Cherkassy region and is now trying to get a visa and fly to the son, but because of the quarantine have been unable to do so.

The incident occurred when Ruslan was at work in the flight in another state, away from home, where the guy live friends. Therefore, in the hospital, he is all alone.

“Ruslan is a very good man. Has friends in the US, also the Ukrainians, who moved for a long time. He lived in California, and the misfortune happened to him away from home when he was in flight. Therefore, in the hospital, he came in another state, then moved by helicopter to another hospital in Nebraska. But she’s over 1000 miles from home where are the friends. Therefore, in the hospital he is all alone,” explained cousin.

Anatoly also said that the pastor of the local Church in Lincoln (Nebraska), which treated Ukrainian, collects money to cover his medical expenses. And on June 17 the famous videoblogger Dima Malash, who also works as a truck driver in the United States, recorded a video message with a request to help him.

“During a crash, rescuers thought he was already dead, but when I pulled it from under the rubble of boards, found that he was still alive. On the way to the hospital twice went into cardiac arrest, was broken 9 ribs, not moving the foot, open fractures of the two femurs, right hip on a few pieces of internal bleeding in the abdomen, fracture of the coccyx, fracture of the fibula (lower leg), nose, cuts on the face underwent two plastic surgeries,” says the blogger in the video.

At the end of the video there is footage of Ruslan, impressionable people to watch is not recommended.

Ruslan’s mother, Jeanne Potter, said that he had spoken with the doctor who treats her son, and also with the police Department and the Sheriff of the town where the tragedy occurred. According to the woman, the firm where you worked therefore will not be responsible for the incident and did not help financially with treatment that requires at least $ 300,000.

“As I said, at the tap when the download failed the mount and broke the ropes. Rocks fell on the son. All say: “it’s a miracle that he survived.” The doctor told me that he didn’t stand a chance … And the firm where he worked went bankrupt and will not pay anything for the accident during execution of work. You can hire lawyer for construction accidents and other accidents at work, here.  It is easier to go bankrupt and re-open than to pay for treatment and compensation. Because only one plastic surgery, which was done to Ruslan, cost $ 44,000, and we have to transplant nerves, so he walked. And that somewhere there is still at least 300 thousand dollars we need,” — said the kid’s mother.

The doctors promised Joan that he would do everything possible to save her son.

“The doctor told me that they will do everything they can. Will take care of my son. The doctor admitted to me that didn’t understand how he survived: there were two cardiac arrest, clinical death, two weeks of coma. Then he looked at the documents and saw that he had just had a birthday, and then realized that it was the angel guarded him. It’s happened in the birthday of the son”, — said Ruslan’s mother.

The woman also asked for help in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said there, what with the flights in the US can help, but with the visa, unfortunately, no.

“We need to do something. I can’t anymore. I’m going crazy. All conked out during these three months. Difficult. He doesn’t have anyone but me — 15 years ago dad died, only I was left. I need to be with my son,” said Jeanne.

Ukrainian journalists in an attempt to help a woman with a visa addressed to the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine. In the press service they said that due to quarantine the visa is not issued.

“The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine does not issue visas. This is an order of Washington. In order to find out if there are any exceptions, please contact the visa support”, — said at the Embassy.

Service visa support provided this answer: “In response to the significant challenges associated with the pandemic COVID-19, the Department of State has temporarily suspended the provision of visa processing services in all embassies and consulates of the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has canceled the interview for an immigrant and non-immigrant visa after March 14, 2020, but continues to provide urgent and important for the mission visa services, if resources permit and the local conditions. We would like to inform you that if you have an urgent need to go to the USA, and if your trip falls under one of the criteria (medical needs; the funeral / death; urgent business trip; students or exchange visitors), you may qualify for an expedited appointment depending on availability at the Embassy / Consulate. It is important to confirm that you meet the criteria for an urgent interview, as applicants are allowed to create only one request for it”.

But as the office of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine does not work, a woman does not understand where to turn to get emergency visas.


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