Ukrainians in the United States selling counterfeit cancer drugs and hepatitis

Two citizens of Ukraine, 36-year-old Maxim Nenadov and 33-year-old Vladimir Nikolaenko has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to illegal importation and sale in the US fake drugs for cancer and hepatitis. This was reported on the website of the Migration and customs services of the USA, writes “Voice of America”.

Украинцы продавали в США поддельные лекарства от рака и гепатита

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According to the report, in June, 2018 special agents undercover began negotiating with Nenadovi about the illegal sale of the drug against cancer, disease, Keytruda. Several months of negotiations, also drew Nikolaenko, led to the illegal sale of fake or recommended drugs Keytruda, Abraxane (cancer) and Epclusa (against hepatitis C).

The investigation was conducted Immigration and U.S. customs in Houston (TX), together with the Office of food and drug administration.

Drugs agents sent Nenadov nearly $12 000 into his account in Ukrainian Bank. And the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs, have confirmed that the Ukrainians were sold a fake.

No Nenadov or Nikolaenko are not doctors, pharmacists or the owners of licenses for the sale of these or other drugs in the United States. In April 2019, they were arrested after their arrival to America from Ukraine, to discuss further the illegal shipment of drugs.

Now they face up to 20 years in prison and up to $5 million fine. Judge Lee Rosenthal of the southern district court of Texas will make the final verdict on 4 November, they remain behind bars.

“The production and smuggling of counterfeit pharmaceutical products poses a great threat to the health and safety of people who do not know it, and its impact on legitimate trade and endangering our national security,” said mark Dawson, special agent of Department on investigation of Affairs of internal security Immigration and customs enforcement services of the USA in Houston.

According to him, this case confirms their commitment “to work together with our Federal partners and private companies to vigorously investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.”



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