Ukrainians may be required to return unearned subsidies, benefits and pensions

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law № 3551 “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On court fee” with respect to ensuring the stable execution of the law on verification of public benefits,” which simplifies the process of recovery of illegally obtained pensions, grants and benefits Ukrainians.

У украинцев могут потребовать вернуть незаслуженные субсидии, льготы и пенсии

This was stated by the candidate of legal Sciences and public figure Sergey Voychenko edition of “Today.”

Now checking the information about the beneficiaries is carried out in 3 stages:

  • preventive verification in real time, when a person applies for state aid;
  • current verification – the process of appointment of grant;
  • retrospective verification – after payment from the state.

Further, the authorized body performs background checks and sets should one have to repay the money.

“In case of detection of unreliable information, on the basis of which was appointed, assessed and/or implemented the state payment, the bodies implementing them, send these recipients a demand for the return of wrongfully or excessively received government payments,” explained Voychenko.

He also noted that in case of disagreement with the decision, the beneficiary can appeal it in court.

According to experts, only in 2019, the Ministry of Finance checked the 24.5 million recipients of subsidies, social benefits and beneficiaries. The audit revealed that, in addition to check out almost 13 million (12.9 million – ed.), recipient.

In addition, only in October 2019 was revealed 14.7 thousand of cases of illegal receipt of welfare benefits in the amount of 27.4 million UAH, which must be returned to the state budget.