Ukrainians may not move in the LCD in 2020 due to the crisis

Due to the financial crisis and long-term quarantine, which is partially or fully stopped the construction of 50% of the LCD, the timing of commissioning of housing construction objects in Ukraine can increase by an average of 3-6 months.

Украинцы рискуют не вселиться в ЖК в 2020 году из-за кризиса

This was announced by the expert Alexander Azarov to RBK-Ukraine, reports “Hvil”.

In addition to economic crisis and quarantine, another reason for the partial suspension of construction of the RC, the expert called to have arisen from a number of developers financial difficulties in connection with the decline in sales.

Azarov believes that in the current situation in more than 20% under construction deadlines will be displaced for 3-4 months 25% for 6 months or more, 20-25% for 9-12 months and 15% for 1 year or more.

“Offhand, we can say that at least 60-70 projects under construction are situated in high risk zone”, — said the expert.

According to Izarov to prevent the emergence of long-term construction, the Cabinet, the relevant Ministry together with the community of developers should develop and offer an effective state program providing short-term loans at 3-5% on completion of housing projects for a period of 1-2 years.