Ukrainians reincarnated Oleg Lyashko boxer with tattoos: funny pictures

Украинцы перевоплотили Олега Ляшко в боксера с татуировками: курьезное фото

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko decided to laugh himself over themselves. He on his page in social network Instagram posted a picture, edited using special software.

On his page there was a photograph which was sealed by someone, judging by the inscription on athletic shorts, gosh Cosmo. To the body of the person using photoshop put my head on Oleg Lyashko. However, the secret of the picture lies not in this, and in a large number of tattoos on his body.

On the chest of the new body of Oleg V. full of mythical beings in the crown, underneath is written in big letters Lyashko, and below the face of a tiger. The leader of the Radical party signed that the single phrase “Folk art”.

On the website of the author of the collage above mentioned goshi Cosmo you can learn the motive of create an image Lyashko-boxer. The man believes that this work could not be better visualizes the image of the main radical of Ukraine after a fight with Andrey Gerus.

Under the post Oleg Lyashko appeared approving smiles from users. Followers praised the policy for humor, encouraged him to fight with famous boxers.

The author of the collage gosh Kosmo wrote on his page “Oleg Lyashko VS Andriy Gerus
The MMA, which we deserve!”.