Ukrainians showed how a month has changed the price of food

It is noted that prices for chicken meat-carcases fell 1.9%. indeed, in January 2020 1 kg cost an average 58.2 per UAH, while in December 2019 59.3 USD.

Украинцам показали, как за месяц изменились цены на продукты

In addition to this, prices of 1.3% and fell for the chicken to 100.4 UAH per kg.

Pork prices dropped by 1% to 117,9 hryvnia per kg, While beef on the contrary has risen by 1.5% to 134.8 UAH per kg.

But the soft fatty cheeses rose by 1.04% to 106.8 hryvnia per kg, buckwheat — by 2.1% to UAH 27.7 per kg.

Therefore the cheapest kind of meat in Ukraine remains chicken.