Ukrainians spend on food less than all of Europe

Ukraine took the last place in the ranking of European countries in terms of expenditure on food. The inhabitants of the country is spent on food 50 % of their costs.

Украинцы тратят на еду меньше всех в Европе

This is indicated by RIA Rating.

The leader in the list of European countries by the cost of food — Luxembourg. Its residents spend on food for 8.4 % of spending.

In second place — the UK and the Netherlands, expenditures on food constitute 10.6 % of the total. The Irish, Finns, Norwegians, Austrians and Swiss spend on food less than 12 % of the costs.

At the top of the list are developed countries with high income levels. Their expenses for food do not exceed 15 %. The remainder of the funds, the residents of developed countries spend on leisure, cultural activities, travel, education.

The largest share of expenditures for food in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Kazakhstan residents spend on food 47.6% of expenses, Moldova — 43,8 %, Belarus — 36,3 %, Russia is 30.2 %.

RIA Rating of the Russian Agency that evaluates the socio-economic situation of the countries and regions of the Russian Federation, state banks and companies.